Thursday, March 29, 2007


I'm working on a detail for the connection between the cross sections and the vertical struts. Markus gave me the idea of looking at a compression type detail and I've been playing with it a bit. The idea is that the force generated by the bowed verticals will be strong enough to hold the connection together.

This idea shows a 3/8" length of rebar bent into a functional/fanciful form - planted in the end of the pole and lashed firmly.

I'd need 20 of them. I think I could probably make them with an anvil, a big hammer and a torch . . .

I gave my bamboo order to Andy today. I'm getting about 150 poles in a few different sizes in the hope that it will allow a little more creativity during the first construction. It'll be 6 to 8 weeks before that bamboo arrives - I'll have plenty to keep me busy until then.


Pestilent Mendicant said...

Is this going to fix the splitting?

Way to go El C for the idea! Maybe he has a more efficient way to bend the bar?

Beer Hoarding Magpie said...

I am liking that

Glenn said...

I think the splitting will still be an issue this year - although not as severe. The bamboo I'm using is more robust than last year's.