Monday, March 12, 2007

07 Projects Email list

The BMORG has created an email list to facilitate communication to and among this year's funded project teams. The first order of business is the contract. I'll have a teleconference with LadyBee and Crimson Rose regarding details like payment plans, tickets, early arrivals, fuel, etc. Then I sign on the dotted line!

Also, an announcement will be made in the email newsletter "Jack Rabbit Speaks" listing the funded projects with links to their websites. I'll use my proposal site with a few modifications.

I've found out about a few folks working with bamboo on Vashon Island and hope to meet and discuss my project with them in the next few weeks. I'll need to start purchasing some poles soon - maybe one of these folks can point me in the direction of a good resource. If not, I'll be heading over to Bamboo Hardwoods in Seattle. They have a plethora of bamboo products including the Tam Vong timber bamboo poles I'm considering for the tower.

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