Sunday, April 1, 2007

10 foot poles

I finally had a little time this afternoon to work on the tower. Andy Royer supplied me with a bundle of 10' long x 1 1/4' diameter poles and I've begun assembling them into the basic geometry for one of the tower sections. The proportions are all off but the basic connections are valid. I used pieces of road bike inner tubes {from my friends at the bike shop) to lash all the connections. Its seems to be working well so far - they're easy to put on but a little hard on the hands - I'll have to find some thin leather gloves, I'll probably end up wrapping the connection points with friction tape like last year. It will make it a lot easier to keep the joints aligned. It's funny how this looks so much like the wooden dowel model!

I'm working on another compression detail that is all bamboo. The end will be shaped like a fork that would fit over the crossing point of the verticals. Images to come, then I'll mock it up full size on the built section.

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