Tuesday, April 17, 2007

a sunny weekend!

I finally had a sunny weekend on Vashon! Just in time for a visit from my good friend John Boylan, writer, editor, community activist and occasional fire and piro whirler, and Christine Kristen, aka LadyBee, curator of art for Burning Man. Christine was in town for a lecture on the Art of Burning Man at the Youngstown Cultural Center and was able to stop by Vashon Island for a visit. I attended the lecture last evening and was wowed by images of Burning Man art projects from 1995 to present. Very inspiring stuff!

On the construction front I was able to do a little more experimentation on the compression detail as well as getting a good start on another section for the tower mock up. I've figured out an easy way of building the vertical sections. I build the geometry unfolded on the ground, then stand the assembly up, moving the corners into the proper position and tying the last two connections.

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