Sunday, July 15, 2007

shade structure

I made good progress on the shade structure this weekend. The support poles and cables are basically finished. Figuring out how to get the non- triangulated lines accurately located is the next problem to solve. I have an idea which also ties in to the problem of accurately cutting the triangular sections of shade cloth - the next big task.

I going to try using a low tech approach. I'll take a single piece of para-chord and mark off each leg of the triangle with a bit of tape - then all I need are two friends the hold the other corners and we'll have a precise outline of our triangle. At least that's the way I'm hoping it will work.

Instead of single poles and double guy wires I'm using double poles and a single guy wire. I really like the way the geometry relates to that of the tower - it seems to connect them together. The cool thing is, they actually don't touch at all - but pass through one another at the center and the perimeter.

I'm excited to see the affect adding the shade cloth will have although I'm not certain if I will be adding any to the top of the tower. I'm a little concerned about the wind resistance it will create.

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