Thursday, June 14, 2007

pistil light test

Pistil - like in a flower. In addition to the L.E.D. lights - I've been working on this cylindrical array of cold cathodes that will reside in the center of the top section of the tower. The array consists of 16 - 12 inch long cold cathode tubes controlled by a 10 channel sequencer I built. Currently it's set to cycle through 10 different patterns.


Beer Hoarding Magpie said...

I love it! The more I think about it G, the more I like the idea of timed photographs. It would be considerably easier to synch them into a video. If we have defined construction points at which we pause for a photo taken from the same angle every time we can make a pretty cool photo documentary. For the rest of you, Glenn and I are considering filming/photographing the construction of the tower from A) the Vashon angle and B) the Black Rock angle and merging the two photos sets or video sets into a time lapse series (set to some bumping tunes of course). Glenn can post it to the Tall Grass site and You Tube after we have it all meshed

Bag O' Gas said...

Looks like the apparatus is residing in Glenn's secret sanctuary!
Perhaps a special sound sample could accompany the viddy?
Very nice craftmanship, hombre!